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20th April 2013


Konkrete Taster

For those users of the the very excellent iPad instrument “Orphion” and the very excellent sample library “Konkrete 3” by Soniccouture, I have produced a library control template for Orphion. It’s available as a download from within the Orphion app.

The intent of the template was my frustration with the octave range of the Konkrete 3 library (Soniccouture, shame on you for giving us such a wide selection!) and the difficulty of demoing the sounds from a 37-key controller keyboard. 

The template allows you to “taste” all the sounds in each kit, as well as triggering the “beat repeat” functionality (though all parameters are ultimately customizable). It’s not really intended to be a “performance” controller for the sounds, but it can be used that way if you are comfortable with the pad size. For more info on either product, follow these links: http://www.orphion.de/. and http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/27-electronica/g40-konkrete-3/  

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27th March 2012


iOS Music & You →

The Blog “iOS Music And You” is featuring my track “The Rat Palace” this week - along  with a few words from the artist (me) on how the iPad is becoming a key part of his compositional process…

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