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17th March 2014

Audio post

"Soul Delay" is a phrase coined by writer William Gibson - the "Urban Dictionary" describes it’s meaning best :

"Experienced in tandem with jet lag. Your body arrives after a long flight but your soul doesn’t arrive so quickly. The theory is your soul can’t travel as fast as a jet and you can become discombobulated while you wait for your soul to catch up.

"Souls can’t move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage." - William Gibson.

I think this piece very much sums up that feeling of being “peacefully disoriented” - not quite feeling whole (I feel the same way after a time change without even travelling) and features synthesizer, treated piano and female vocals (courtesy of Shevannai).

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2nd March 2014

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Beneath A Frozen Lake

I would be the first one to admit that I am not much of a Fisherman (I am more the Hiker type) - less so an ice fisherman. My in-laws, however, are, and it’s great that they like to introduce my kids to the pastime, but that leaves me with the dilemma of having little to do while I sit in a heated hut on a frozen lake - I can think of worse places to be, but I have trouble adjusting to a long stretch of doing nothing.

 Ice Hut Zebra

So I have taken to bringing a recording rig along on these (rare) trips. In the past I have recorded  sounds on the (surface) of the lake, but this time around I thought (for a twist) what it might be like to capture the sound “underneath” the lake. For this I turned to my trusty Aquarian Audio Hydrophone:

Aquarian Audio Hydrophone

Powered by the phantom power on my Zoom H4N recorder (along with a FetHead Phantom pre-amp, a necessity for overcoming the H4N’s very noisy pre-amps), the H2A was perfectly comfortable in the cold lake water.


So what does it sound like underneath a frozen lake? As these recordings can attest to, it is anything but quiet - the ice seems to act as a sort of resonator which amplifies any kind of contact that is occurring - footsteps, vehicles moving across the ice, chopping and drilling of the ice can all be heard from a distance away. In quieter moments the “cracking” of the ice can be heard as it is heated by the hot sun (note that this has to be more of expansion/contraction as the ice was plenty thick to be at any risk of actually cracking).

 The busy Ice Village

In the end I was quite happy that I didn’t come home empty handed, as were the “fishermen” - only my “catch” was slightly different from what most people we’re fishing for that day…  

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6th January 2014


Sample & Hold

A new year and new projects (as if I didn’t have enough)…

I have been experimenting with screen casting some reviews of sample libraries - the first one of which (Soniccouture’ s Tape Choir) is now up on YouTube.

I’m not really interested in becoming that “video guy”, but I kind of got tired of the current state of sample library reviews/walkthroughs, which I can summarize as follows:

  • Why do only expensive/ large libraries get reviewed? Once you spend as much as me on sample libraries you likely own a couple of $50 turkey’s that you might have avoided if you knew how limited they were…and these add up over time (at very least they take up needed hard drive space).
  • Why don’t reviewers check their biases at the door? How many reviewers actually receive the libraries free (“for review”?) from the developers? I can’t say for sure, but nobody seems to be crowing that their review is totally independent.
  • What do ALL the patches sound like? I don’t want to know how to compose with the library, I want to know what sounds I am getting  (I.e Do they sound good?, Is there variety? Do they fit with what I am looking for? Will I have to work at getting my own sounds?)… that is (after-all) what I am paying for.
  • Cut to the chase… I don’t have time for an hour’s long review - why can’t they split reviews into smaller video segments if (the library) deserves so much coverage?

The independence issue really bothers me and has recently seen some very heated discussion on a forum I participate in where (it seems) that criticizing a sample developer (who buys advertising on the site) is “lightly” discouraged. Since musicians get to stick themselves in the firing line with every release, I don’t see why sample developers get a free pass (and I mean that in the most respectful and polite way)…

Stay tuned for more of my experiment…   

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15th October 2013

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One thing that Modulars are great for…is producing “Chaotic” (that is to say “Non-periodic”) drones. Musical uses of such drones remain for consideration in future projects… :-)

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3rd September 2013


Name Drop…

Video game composer Olivier Deriviere (http://www.olivierderiviere.com/) liked “Hinterland”; so should you!

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30th August 2013

Audio post

The Muse Moves you in Mysterious Ways (2 of 2)…

Funny thing is that this piece started as a test of the “Focusrite iTrack Solo” which I recently picked up to translate some of my guitar ramblings into something that can be worked on further. Checking for functionality and levels, I improvised this little recording:

Which I liked fine…but I wondered what it would sound like with the “Chapman Trumpet” - not to bore you with further technicalities, but much tweaking later in the DAW (this one Ableton, though I have been working in DP8 as well), we have this final version.

A reminder, that sometimes you have to catch what flows and build structure around it, rather than starting with a clear idea/concept…  

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30th August 2013

Audio post

The Muse Moves you in Mysterious Ways (1 of 2)…

…Where did the Summer go! Despite my promise to myself to stop working on music during the summer, I did manage to start a number of things (some which will now have to be finished in the Fall/Winter!) - like this one:

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30th May 2013

Post with 1 note

Hinterland Album

I am happy to announce the release of the “Hinterland” album, now available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere (still doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet, but it should be shortly).


This release marks the culmination of my work for the last year (or so) and I am looking forward to a break to pursue some other Sound related avenues…to this end you may well see a lot more posting on my sound design Blog, “A Hidden Sound” (http://danielottinisound.tumblr.com/ ), as I ramp up some long-put off field recording for the Summer.

I have several sketches for my next Album-related project and will be working towards that in the coming year (though I have no definite release date that I am keeping to); in addition I plan to catch up on some technical stuff (I never quite seem to learn to use all the tools I have at hand as well as I would like) particularly exploring the recent release of MOTU’s very excellent Digital Performer 8 for Windows.

You will also likely see a few more releases for the Production Music market as I focus on that sphere of my practice.

Many Thanks and keep watching this space!

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Sound Iron Mix)

…the “Sound Iron” edit, featuring predominately sampled instrumentation from the excellent Soundiron libraries (including the libraries noted below), is a hybrid of non-traditional, acoustic instrumentation (sampled Washing Machines, incandescent lightbulbs, hemp twine, etc.) played with an electronic, (rhythmic) feel that produces a unique atmosphere for this track. Vocals are provided by Avanna and the Olympus Micro Choir; lyrics are from the Yeats poem “The Second Coming”

Soundiron - Laundronium (2 instances)
Soundiron - Anti-Drum Vol 1
Soundiron - Twine Bass (2 instances)
Soundiron - Olympus Micro Choir
Soundiron - Luminabells
Reaktor - Prism

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Calm Seas Mix)

…the “Calm Seas” edit retains only the less chaotic elements of the original mix and adds ethereal female vocals (Courtesy Avanna).

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