“…more important than what things are called is whether they are interesting to listen to.”
— Ernst Karel, Sound Artist



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17th June 2014


The "C" Word →

I really hate the phrase “Content Curation” - back in pre-internet days it was called “shit that we listen to” (this is the opposite of what it tends to be now, which is “shit which I am being paid to tell you to listen to”… we had a word for that back in the day too - Payola).

The Nazi’s were so good at “Curation” that they were able to wipe the works of great artists (such as Amedeo Modigliani) from the public consciousness in favour of state approved, right-thinking German National Socialist artists (come to think of it, the Soviets were very good at that as well).

This is a round about way of saying that I while I hate what “Curation” has sometimes become, I still like making lists of “shit which I am listening to”, which is especially easy to do in this day of streaming services (let’s step away from the issue of artist compensation for a minute if we may…).

It is in this spirit that I offer up one of my many lists for your enjoyment - this one features artists whom I consider to be pioneers of electronic and experimental music and certainly remain influences on my work to this day. 

If you believe (as I do) that a pioneer is someone with arrows in his back (old joke), than you might consider the sheer “bravery” of some of these folk to do the work that they did (yes, I know that this is not the same “bravery” as a fireman, but none-the-less…) and I love listening to them as much for that, as the fine work they produced.

Makes you wonder if they (or their heirs) make as much money today from streaming as when they were busy pulling arrows from their backs…

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10th December 2013

Audio post


One of the things that I try to do when I compose is to look for opportunities to blend the synthetic with the “Organic” - this can include field recordings or samples of instruments (standing in for the real thing). The sophistication of sampling today is impressive, but the better the sample library the easier it is to “smooth” the contrast between the Electronics and the “natural world”.

I purchased Orange Tree Samples “MesaWinds” during a recent sale and initially didn’t think I would get much use out of the library (for those of you who don’t know, this is a sample library of native american flutes).

I was impressed, however, with the authentic sound and variety of articulations - the sound fit in nicely on this track (Ancient Suburban Burial Mound)  that I was working on (which is largely sound design and Electronics), to give it some “humanity” and help to anchor it in the sound-world (in this example, a haunted house built over an Indian burial ground).

This is a case where a fairly simple library nicely delivers a subtle “emotional” punch…

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27th October 2013

Audio post with 1 note

Some Halloween fun…a suspenseful track combining atmospheric electronics with dark orchestral colours…Tis the season :-)

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30th May 2013

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Hinterland Album

I am happy to announce the release of the “Hinterland” album, now available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere (still doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet, but it should be shortly).


This release marks the culmination of my work for the last year (or so) and I am looking forward to a break to pursue some other Sound related avenues…to this end you may well see a lot more posting on my sound design Blog, “A Hidden Sound” (http://danielottinisound.tumblr.com/ ), as I ramp up some long-put off field recording for the Summer.

I have several sketches for my next Album-related project and will be working towards that in the coming year (though I have no definite release date that I am keeping to); in addition I plan to catch up on some technical stuff (I never quite seem to learn to use all the tools I have at hand as well as I would like) particularly exploring the recent release of MOTU’s very excellent Digital Performer 8 for Windows.

You will also likely see a few more releases for the Production Music market as I focus on that sphere of my practice.

Many Thanks and keep watching this space!

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Sound Iron Mix)

…the “Sound Iron” edit, featuring predominately sampled instrumentation from the excellent Soundiron libraries (including the libraries noted below), is a hybrid of non-traditional, acoustic instrumentation (sampled Washing Machines, incandescent lightbulbs, hemp twine, etc.) played with an electronic, (rhythmic) feel that produces a unique atmosphere for this track. Vocals are provided by Avanna and the Olympus Micro Choir; lyrics are from the Yeats poem “The Second Coming”

Soundiron - Laundronium (2 instances)
Soundiron - Anti-Drum Vol 1
Soundiron - Twine Bass (2 instances)
Soundiron - Olympus Micro Choir
Soundiron - Luminabells
Reaktor - Prism

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Calm Seas Mix)

…the “Calm Seas” edit retains only the less chaotic elements of the original mix and adds ethereal female vocals (Courtesy Avanna).

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Source: SoundCloud / Daniel Ottini

28th April 2013

Audio post

A chaotic piece with a repeating, modulated, gritty synth sequence/drums, with calm chords/bass underneath. Conveys an atmosphere of stability in the midst of a harsh, changing background…

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Source: SoundCloud / Daniel Ottini

27th March 2013

Audio post with 2 notes

Hinterland - Piano & Strings Only

Perhaps more your preference…?

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27th March 2013

Audio post

A slow, elegiac piece with a slight hopeful quality. The initial version contains an atmospheric opening with processed piano and strings in the latter part; the alternative version (Piano & Strings) contains the unprocessed latter part with only the Piano & Strings (perhaps if you are more a “purist” for this sort of thing).
Really a reflection on the transition between life and what lies beyond (the “Hinterland” that lays just beyond what we know to be certain…). Dedicated to those who have made that journey.  

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Source: SoundCloud / Daniel Ottini

1st March 2013


Some follow-up from the Celemony &#8220;Living Drums&#8221; contest&#8230;here I explain how Melodyne was used to create variations on the drum patterns (both MIDI and Audio)&#8230;

Some follow-up from the Celemony “Living Drums” contest…here I explain how Melodyne was used to create variations on the drum patterns (both MIDI and Audio)…


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