“…more important than what things are called is whether they are interesting to listen to.”
— Ernst Karel, Sound Artist



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22nd January 2012

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The Art of Maturity

22 year Francesca Woodman threw herself off a building, partly because nobody cared about her art as much as she would have liked them to? Watching a PBS documentary about her family (“The Woodmans”) it struck me how immature the artist was despite the praises of maturity for her art. Doesn’t art exist regardless of how the world outside the artist feels about it? Did Francesca raise the importance of the “Art Business” above that of the “Business of Art”? Holocaust survivors have spoken of their will to survive in the most horrific of circumstances in order to bear witness to that period of history…yet for Francesca, the role of witnessing her world through art (a much more comfortable one than that of a Holocaust survivor) was somehow not enough. Now that the cult of death has deemed her work worthy of large price tags, how many more young artists will be fooled in to believing that only external validation “makes” them an artist?

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