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30th May 2013

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Hinterland Album

I am happy to announce the release of the “Hinterland” album, now available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere (still doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet, but it should be shortly).


This release marks the culmination of my work for the last year (or so) and I am looking forward to a break to pursue some other Sound related avenues…to this end you may well see a lot more posting on my sound design Blog, “A Hidden Sound” (http://danielottinisound.tumblr.com/ ), as I ramp up some long-put off field recording for the Summer.

I have several sketches for my next Album-related project and will be working towards that in the coming year (though I have no definite release date that I am keeping to); in addition I plan to catch up on some technical stuff (I never quite seem to learn to use all the tools I have at hand as well as I would like) particularly exploring the recent release of MOTU’s very excellent Digital Performer 8 for Windows.

You will also likely see a few more releases for the Production Music market as I focus on that sphere of my practice.

Many Thanks and keep watching this space!

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Sound Iron Mix)

…the “Sound Iron” edit, featuring predominately sampled instrumentation from the excellent Soundiron libraries (including the libraries noted below), is a hybrid of non-traditional, acoustic instrumentation (sampled Washing Machines, incandescent lightbulbs, hemp twine, etc.) played with an electronic, (rhythmic) feel that produces a unique atmosphere for this track. Vocals are provided by Avanna and the Olympus Micro Choir; lyrics are from the Yeats poem “The Second Coming”

Soundiron - Laundronium (2 instances)
Soundiron - Anti-Drum Vol 1
Soundiron - Twine Bass (2 instances)
Soundiron - Olympus Micro Choir
Soundiron - Luminabells
Reaktor - Prism

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28th April 2013

Audio post

The Centre Cannot Hold (Calm Seas Mix)

…the “Calm Seas” edit retains only the less chaotic elements of the original mix and adds ethereal female vocals (Courtesy Avanna).

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28th April 2013

Audio post

A chaotic piece with a repeating, modulated, gritty synth sequence/drums, with calm chords/bass underneath. Conveys an atmosphere of stability in the midst of a harsh, changing background…

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25th April 2013

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A Hidden Sound: A Future in Noise →



The BBC Radio 4 series “Noise: A Human History” has been an insightful journey into the uses and abuses of sound over a lengthy span of human history. Most interesting is how noise has been a political and class “hot button” issue through time (and continues to be). Good on the BBC for…

20th April 2013


Konkrete Taster

For those users of the the very excellent iPad instrument “Orphion” and the very excellent sample library “Konkrete 3” by Soniccouture, I have produced a library control template for Orphion. It’s available as a download from within the Orphion app.

The intent of the template was my frustration with the octave range of the Konkrete 3 library (Soniccouture, shame on you for giving us such a wide selection!) and the difficulty of demoing the sounds from a 37-key controller keyboard. 

The template allows you to “taste” all the sounds in each kit, as well as triggering the “beat repeat” functionality (though all parameters are ultimately customizable). It’s not really intended to be a “performance” controller for the sounds, but it can be used that way if you are comfortable with the pad size. For more info on either product, follow these links: http://www.orphion.de/. and http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/27-electronica/g40-konkrete-3/  

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27th March 2013

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Hinterland - Piano & Strings Only

Perhaps more your preference…?

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27th March 2013

Audio post

A slow, elegiac piece with a slight hopeful quality. The initial version contains an atmospheric opening with processed piano and strings in the latter part; the alternative version (Piano & Strings) contains the unprocessed latter part with only the Piano & Strings (perhaps if you are more a “purist” for this sort of thing).
Really a reflection on the transition between life and what lies beyond (the “Hinterland” that lays just beyond what we know to be certain…). Dedicated to those who have made that journey.  

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26th March 2013


Maybe i’m not quite the “collector of voices” (as a member of a German electronic band once proclaimed), but I quite like where Yamaha is taking the Vocaloid technology. Let me first safely say that vocalists are not in fear of losing their jobs and that, yes, a Vocaloid will not be fooling any one in a double blind test soon…

With that out of the way, what we have in “Avanna” is an eerie synthetic Enya…familiar yet unsettling; a blend between Autotune and a Wendy Carlos (Moog) Vocoder singing in a “GLaDOS” voice.

I would love to play with this one because, frankly, it shows lots of potential for heavy manipulation/processing. Where I once would have brushed off the Vocaloid stuff as pure novelty, I think (either intentionally or unintentionally  it is becoming truly weird…and that is when things usually get interesting!

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21st March 2013

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This looks like an interesting project (even though we all know from Mr. Cage that there is no such thing…perhaps it should be called “in pursuit of agreeable sounds” - not so poetic, eh) - I didn’t get a chance to lend my support behind it on kickstarter, but the credentials of the film-maker are quite good (and it has gotten full-funding). I will be on the lookout for this one once its complete. 

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